Yoga Workshop

Comments from students:

“I feel relaxed, energized and toned”

“Adam is a superb instructor! I attend this class regularly and feel challenged and safe”.

“Adam has the ability to create and maintain physical, emotional and psychological safety for his students”

Photo by Max B. Telzerow

Monthly theme:

Opening & Grounding of the Heart

Benefit: centralizing yourselves, helping you find your inner calm by opening blockage in your breathing and heart charka, then we ground ourselves with hip opening and base charka works. ending with restorative postures and relaxation. (all are welcome with or with out experience)

This course is great for new practitioner to learn yoga posture fundamentals.

Long-time yoga practitioners, this course will help perfect postures and integrate a deeper understand of proper breathing in their practice.

  • salutation warm up
  • Great emphasis on posture correction.
    strengths body work (upper/mid/lower body)
  • Restorative yoga
  • Relaxation & meditation
  • Partner yoga postures with
    Thai massage techniques.
    Introduction and practice of basic yoga postures.
    Breathing techniques.
    Relaxation techniques.
  • 10 space limited, RSVP early

An introduction will be made to “partner yoga” postures with Thai massage techniques.

The class will be paired up to work together on these postures (or using prop if you preferred to self practice).  It is ideal for people who want to work with another to strengthen muscles and tissues at a deep level. Or for those who simply find it more enjoyable to practice yoga “à deux.”

Please note:
The class size of each session will be limited in order to keep the quality of each session high and allow the instructor to make personal posture correction.
Please bring comfortable clothes and yoga mat/ block / something to keep you warm in relaxation/meditation pose.
If you need to borrow a yoga mat Let me know, I have a few I can lent out.

Limited space RSVP early.

Restorative yoga

Yoga studies: How Yoga Changes Your Body


Date: February_19_2011 / Saturday

Time: 1pm – 3.30pm

Place: TBA
Private studio pre-register and invited only (no drop-in)

Cost:$38.00cnd_Cash / cheque
Registration required / Gift certificate available.


What to wear: Comfortable gym clothes, clothes you can move in with enough ease for you to do a lunge or a split with ease and not have your circulation cut off.




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