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1-Do I have to take it all at once?
No. We’ve broken the class down to different parts to give the student flexiblility to be able to complete the courses on their own terms. Aside from learning the technique and poses of yoga, we encourage our students to practice on their own to have a better understanding and develop on their own.

2-What if I only want to take this class for personal training?
That’s fine. Yoga is a great strength excercise and can add greatly to the repetoire of any personal trainer’s exercise routine. You will learn a deep understanding of the poses. You can take one workshop or all 3  (three) if you want to become certified as a Yoga Instructor!

3-What if I already teach yoga but need to get the certified?
Yoga is an oral practice that has been passed down over 1000s of years. Knowing the poses is only the 1st step to understanding. Using the poses to unlock the tension of the body is an art that every yoga practitioner must develop and master on their own.

We have an apprenticeship progam where a knowledgable evaluation is done based on individual requirements. (Need more info? sent us an email:  info [at] aqubalance3 [dot] com)

5-Can I take one workshop and then another at a later time?
Yes. You can take one workshop at a time. When ready, you can take the next one.

6-How long will this take?
8 months to complete the certification – 2 months for each workshop and 2 months of self-practice before you are accepted into the apprenticeship workshop.

7-When is payment required, can we do installments?
Payment due 1st day of class,
Installment payment also available please email for more info.

8-What is the difference between your school and other Yoga training?
We offer the same verification as other Yoga training program. The credentials and certification are the same, but we offer classes with 10 students or less and you can take it in part or all at the same time.

The yoga industry is going through a growth period and is similar to the massage industry of 15-20 years ago. It was not regonized as a profession until recently and Insurance Companies still do not recognize it. In Ontario, or anywhere in Canada for that matter, yoga is not recognized as learning.

The body that governs yoga and is recognized internationally is the Yoga Alliance in the United States. One must be a registered member to have their certification recognized. Adam Quang “500 Level” member of the Yoga Alliance who can teach and provide certifications.

You can go to the website for Yoga Alliance and seach for all the yoga teachers who are registered.

The classes which Adam teach are at the 200 and 500 level. Some schools have a mix of teachers at the 200 and 500 levels conducting the training.
Our total hours of 279+ hours ends up far exceeding the requirement of the
Yoga Alliance.

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9- Aside from the 200 hours, do you also do the advanced yoga training for the 500 hours? I guess my thought is, if she/we are going to spend money for the course, I want to make sure that it’s worth it. If it’s not recognised and the govt doesn’t think it’s recognized, then how do people take her serious as a yoga instructor and how will she make money.

Yoga is like any industry (personal training / massage therapy / english teacher /engineer.) There are no guarantees career-wise. It is up to the student to take as much as possible from the teacher they are learning from. The school is only as good as the teacher who conducts the courses. Adam Quang travel and teach private students / studio class, an average of 600-800 students a month. You can see the feedback and Mr. Quang biography on this website or come to one of the classes and see for yourself.

10- When does your next course become available, when is payment required, can we do installments? How many hours per week?

Pay in full on the 1st day.

Next course : please click link below for info

You can see more detailed info here: (click for more info)

Yoga Technique Workshop
Yoga Anatomy & philosophy
Teaching methodology
comments from students

11- Sorry for the many questions, but I’m just a concerned parent who wants to make sure she takes a program where she will not be questioned about her credentials down the road

As for the 500 hours training, Adam do offer the courses on an individual basis and the student needs to have a minimum of 200 teaching hours to able to qualify. Think of it as a PHD in yoga! You very much need to know most or all of the yoga practices before you can conduct your own teaching. Mr. Quang have been practicing for 20 years and have over 5000 teaching hours.




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