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“great classes-very informative, easy to follow and you are a pleasant and fun instructor!”

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“Adam is a wonderful teacher. He manages to teach at several levels in (Taichi ) class while creating a peaceful and relaxing meditative atmosphere” Karen Savoie

Video: Adam Quang leading a group of new students that have never done taichi before, in an ancient cave at the 7Wonders of Nature, in Vietnam!

Tai Chi teaches you how to move without tension and by harmonize the mind and body function together as one.

Benefits of Taichi

Tai Chi is a graceful form of Chinese martial arts that draws from the two traditions, people practices Tai Ji Quan according to their own objectives – which can be as a defensive martial art form, as a manipulation of Qi (see below), or a combination of the two.

From the perspective of Tai Chi as a defensive martial art form – you will learn to use your opponent’s force for your own benefit.

After a warm-up intended to put you in you the right frame of mind for practice, your instructor will guide you through a series of elegant and defensive movements known as a form. As the classes progress, you will learn the form to its entirety, and train until mastered. To reap the full benefits of the program and be able to move onto the next form in a timely fashion, the student should be prepared to practice this form on a regular basis, between sessions with the instructor.

More than just an elegant and defensive form of movement, Tai Chi is a group of exercises that are intended to improve qi circulation. Tai Ji Quan represents only one particular development within the long-standing tradition of Qi Gong.

“Qigong is not a cure, but it can enhance flexibility and strength among people who are too ill to exercise vigorously, or even at all.

“It’s deceptive. It seems so simple but it’s quite a powerful tool,” says Andrée Thérèse Stock, 67, who has suffered migraine headaches daily since she was a teenager… [Slow moves to battle body pain by FRANCINE KOPUN / The Toronto Star]

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constitutes one of the fundamental bases for Chinese medical theory and practice. Literally it means “breath”; it is one of three sustaining elements in the body (jing and shen are the others). More concisely, qi is the vital energy that circulates throughout the body, delivered through systematic channels that connect different body organs. Good health in turn, depends on the fluid circulation of qi. Conversely, blockage of qi inevitably leads to health problems. Tai Chi is an excellent form of exercise meant to contribute to your long-term health.

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24 movements Yang style Peking form by Adam Quang

24 movements / Taichi DVD

Adam Quang: a practitioner of Taichi since 1992 and teaches 24 Yang style, Taiji sword 32, 48 Taiji style, 88 Yang style, Sun 96 style, and the star of “24 Movements Yang Style Peking Form by Adam Quang” DVD. Adam is a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Master level certification. He’s work as a yoga therapist, specializing in building back muscles and improving flexibility.


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Tai Chi is high hospital and Dr list of recommended exercises. <= click here to see the full article
Tranquility in Motion was published in the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter April_2011, said Tai Chi is high hospital and Dr list of recommended exercises, and listed some of health studies and benefits you may find interesting.

Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia<= click here to see the full article

Tai chi may be effective as a therapy for fibromyalgia, according to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine….

“A clinical trial at Tufts Medical Center found that after 12 weeks of tai chi, patients with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, did significantly better in measurements of pain, fatigue, physical functioning, sleeplessness and depression than a comparable group given stretching exercises and wellness education. Tai chi patients were also more likely to sustain improvement three months later…

After a few weeks, she said she began to feel better, and after 12 weeks “the pain had diminished 90 percent.” She has continued tai chi, lost 50 pounds and can walk three to seven miles a day…” click here for more


Taichi antidote for pains new study<= click here to see the full article

“A new study by York University published in the journal Work, states that 2 sessions of taichi per week helps workers relieve stress, strengthen muscles and develop back fitness – especially good for office/computer workers. “It was a short period of time (3 months) and yet we were able to see an improvement,” stated Professor Hala Tamim, who lead the study at the school of Kinnesiology and Health Science…” click here for more


Study “balance-related” test

American Council on Exercise, (1998). Exercise for Older Adults, ACE’s Guide for Fitness Professionals. Champaign, IL. Human Kinetics

Judge, J.O., Lindsey, C., Underwood, M. & Winsemius, D. (1993). Balance improvements in older women: effects of exercise training Physical Therapy 73(4): 254-62

Wolfson, L., Whipple, R., Derby, C., Judge, J., King, M., Amerman, P., Schmidt, J., and Smyers, D. (1996). Balance and strength training in Older Adults: intervention gains and Tai Chi maintenance. Journal of American Geriatric Society, 44, 498-506


Taichi @ Dundas Square<= click here to see the full article

“Faced with the prospect of a double hip replacement, he took up this increasingly popular practice, and gradually regained strength and flexibility in his joints.

Taoist tai chi allowed me to take my health into my own hands,” he said. “In the end I didn’t need the surgery.”…..click here for more

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