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Corporate class – Mixed level

Classes are designed to strengthen, tone and relax the body and mind as well as build team spirit to promote productivity. Click here for more…


Yoga Intro

  • Principles of building body strength and flexibility using yoga postures.
  • Introduction and practice of basic yoga postures.
  • Breathing techniques.
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Partner Yoga lotus pose- Adam Quang and Terry Tator -Photo by Max B. Telzerow


Partner Yoga

Partner yoga utilizes two people in a yoga pose, both partners mutually receive the benefits, in a safe and supported environment where the the experience fosters trust and strengthens communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Making this one of the best team-building exercises around.

Ideal for any two people and not just for couples.
(Co-worker, friend or life partner)
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Gentle Chair Yoga

This class is intended for people with limited mobility. Yoga class will be done on a chair with some standing exercises for strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Yoga:


“If you seek to change others, start by changing yourself. If you seek to change the world, start by accepting yourself. The person in the mirror can change his-her destiny by first understanding and then having compassion for oneself” Adam Quang



Meditation & Neck and Shoulder Care

Slowing down, find meaning, to be: Mindfulness in an urban landscape
Meditation class: exploring how meditation can help us find balance and peace in our daily life
Neck shoulder care: relieving neck & shoulder stiffness

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Back Care Workshop poster-May2013
Back Care Workshop 


This workshop is for people who are dealing with ongoing chronic or acute back and/or neck stiffness and/or pain. Through modified *restorative yoga poses, you can find much-needed relief from back and neck stiffness and/or pain, with the aim to develop full range of motion of the spine, be stronger and more flexible. Click here for more…



Restorative Yoga Poster may-2013

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Feel renewed – like a day at the spa – after 1 hour of our Restorative Yoga. Rejuvenate your body and mind, experience quiet in your busy lifestyle, reflect and reconnect with yourself.

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice where postures are meant to be done fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. You lie in a yoga position and relax into the pose. Click here for more…



Partner Yoga lotus Twist pose- Adam Quang and Terry Tator


Restorative Yoga For Arthritis

This class is intended for people with limited mobility due to arthritis and other debilitating conditions, poses will be done by sitting on chair. Click here for more…


Tai chi

Tai Chi teaches you how to move without tension and by harmonize the mind and body function together as one. Click here for more…






Yoga Workshop

This course is great for new or long-time yoga practitioners  learning basic detail yoga posture fundamentals,  perfecting postures and integrate a deeper understand of proper breathing in their practice. Click here for more…




Beginner/intermediate yoga workshop
Introduction and practice of basic yoga postures.

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Yoga Teacher Training

certificate teacher workshop / 327 hours
Students who complete the Yoga Teacher Training certificate workshops (Technique / Anatomy & philosophy /Teaching methodology) will receive a certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance international standard. Click here for more…





Based on the philosophies of both Yoga and Pilates, Yogalate focuses on core muscles, back and abdominals with poses and movements. Click here for more…




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