“leaving the class feeling very relaxed. Tension in my body is released”
“I get this orgasmic feeling at the end of the yoga class”
“Leaving the class feeling good, This was a good class. I’ve taught yoga for 20 years. He (Adam) was knowledgeable and relaxed”

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The objective of practicing yoga to achieve clarity, centering, calming the body and mind by using poses to open up the body and release all physical (muscles/ tension/ stiffness) and internal tension (internal organ/ blood circulation) and mastering your muscles. Preparing the practitioner for spiritual worship or just enjoying the calming of body and mind…(click here for more… )

Chair Yoga:

Simple exercises to help you release stress in your body without exerting your body. These exercises are great for people who tend sit for long periods of time, office workers, traveler and people with reduced mobility.

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We avoid using props (because we are able bodied) so as to avoid the muscles relying on the props to build our strength. Incorporating Pilates’ philosophy, we build core muscles: front, back and side. Like a bustier or weight lifter’s belt, it helps support the spine. It relieves internal tension and improves breathing by using the yoga posture, breaking it down to baby steps and adding movement to it  (click here for more …)

Partner Yoga -IMG_20140515_32

Tai Chi:

is a graceful form of Chinese martial arts. People practice Tai Chi according to their own objectives – which can be as a defensive martial art form, as a manipulation of Qi, or a combination of the two…(click here for more… )



has numerous benefits, including increased mental acuteness and awareness, physical relaxation and greater inner peace and confidence. Through meditation we can help you discover a quiet mind and teach you how to maintain it throughout the many day-to-day challenges you may face in life… (click here for more...)

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