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A new study by York University published in the journal Work, states that 2 sessions of taichi per week helps workers relieve stress, strengthen muscles and develop back fitness – especially good for office/computer workers. “It was a short period of time (3 months) and yet we were able to see an improvement,” stated Professor Hala Tamim, who lead the study at the school of Kinnesiology and Health Science.

“Taichi has been shown in recent studies to help ease pain for people with arthritis, reduce falls among seniors and improve recovery with stroke survivors.”

Dr. Tamim, who hopes to study health care workers extensively, says that easing back pain before it becomes a health issue is especially important because it is so difficult to treat,” ~ via Globe and Mail.

here a video to get you started: 1 Taichi-24 Yang Front view – Adam Quang

read the full article below: Taichi-an ancient antidote for morden working pains- Globe and Mail

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Taichi-an ancient antidote for morden working pains-Globe and mail

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