It is a universal sound; a vibration of emptiness in the universe.  It is believed in practice that saying the word “omm” is to harmonize your body to that of the space around you.  Based on the theory that all things in life are made up of sound and vibrations, by using “omm” like a tuning fork, you tune your body into your environment.

The “omm” sound is from deep in your stomach, it vibrates in your throat and has a low sound like humming.  After each yoga practice, we say “omm” to help use centralize our own being.  The more calm and centred you are, the more you are able to prolong the sound that is coming from your throat and not your vocal cords.

“It is said that that the wavelength (or maybe half-wavelength) of Om is 7.23 cm, the average length across the palm. This would put the frequency at about 4.2 GHz. Microwave ovens work at around 2.45 GHz, as this is an ideal frequency for heating water (which is how microwave ovens work), water comprising 80% of the human body.”




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