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positive emotion creation cycle

Yoga has a great potential to heal at a deep level, thus it also has potential to hurt you at a deeper level. Yoga poses are designed to unlock your body’s tension, and to assist you to have a better life. By freeing your body’s tension it leaves your mind open to have more clarity. It is not what yoga poses you can do, but how you are using yoga poses to help you. This can change from hour to hour or day to day.

Yoga has many benefits both physical and emotional. It helps you find your inner peace and prepares you for spiritual work. Just like studying English or martial arts, the poses are your basic abc’s. The interpretation and use of each yoga pose to balance your yin/yang, front/back and masculine/feminine are all based upon the teacher’s knowledge. Remember, we may all know English, but most of us can’t really teach it or are not able to explain how to read and write it to English students. Yoga is no different.

In my  yoga therapy practice. I see the change and the benefit of practicing yoga in people. These emotional maps of the body  will help in your personal practice.

Objective of why you are doing yoga. To improve your physical, mental and spiritual self. Go into the pose, master the pose with your strength (not flexibility), then let go and surrender in the objective area. Control without controlling, don’t micro management, you may lose the big picture.

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What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies

negative emotion creation cycle



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