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Doctor told a client (annual check-up) he have grown 1/2″ taller. Our years of #Yoga Therapy work paid off! Nov.12.2013
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“Your class was excellent–exactly what my back and neck needed! It’s so surprising how intense such small movements are.” Amanda / Back Care


I’ve learned much from my work, each and everyone of you are my teacher.
Thank you~ Adam Quang

“Best yoga class I’ve been to in a long time. Thank you! See you next week.” Joy Schwartz / Jul.11.2012

“Adam, one of the things that you do very well is helping people – including me- to clear out all of the noise and simply be in the present.” Mar-2012

“after taking my 1st yoga class with you, for the 1st time in a long time. I didn’t have to take pain medication (for my back) to go to bed, and wake up from a well rested sleep. Feeling the best I have feel in years, thank you” a student told me the other day with watery eyes at the end of her 2nd class in the studio,  I almost cry with her. June 2011

‎”1st time in a yoga class, I can flowed and understand what I am doing in a yoga class, your instruction was well explain and clear ” June 2011

“my mother, she used to suffer from arthritis and was doing Aqua Fitness classes five days a week to no avail. Once she began taking Yogalates on a regular basis she was able to lose weight and no longer suffers from arthritis” Maritza S. 07-07_2010

“Leaving the class feeling good….This was a good class.
I’ve taught yoga for 20 years. He was knowledgeable and relaxed” April 2010

“Leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed – Like new moves every class keeps it interesting-good demonstration” April 2010

“Leaving the class feeling enegetic, happy-I like the calm music and Adams always positive attitude, very good” April 2010

“Leaving the class feeling energized, Stretched, more balanced in posture and body – I like how you give corrections, encourage us to rest if we re tired” April 2010

“Leaving the class feeling fantastic” April 2010

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“Leaving the class feeling refreshed-I like how the instructor goes around the class and does corrections gently. thanks, love the class” April 2010

Leaving the class feeling excellent. One of the best teachers I’ve come across in a long time. Thanks, great work!” April 2010

“Leaving the class feeling refreshed calm centred happy / I like Adam Presence-centredness-care for his students, ensuring they do the movements at their level of ability etc…” April 2010

“great classes-very informative, easy to follow and you are a pleasant and fun instructor!” September-2009

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“relax, happy, stronger and inspired” April-2009

“great-energetic and ready for another “day” ” April-2009

“like everything, 1st class so will continue””April-2009

“relax and my abs felt the workout” April-2009

“stretched apart; like small space have been open between every joint” April-2009″

“Adam has excellent techniques and great focus on breathing” April-2009

“Thank you for the great classes this year Adam. You are one of the reasons I have not cancelled my membership. Yes, really.” December-2009

“He’s doing great at what he’s doing” April-2009

“One of a few instructors who explains the poses… I feel like I am being educated as well as instructed through the class” May 3, 2008

Detailed instructions, just the right amount of poses” May 3, 2008

“leaving the class feeling very relaxed. Tension in my body is released” may 3, 2008

“Refreshed, energized, relaxed, and 2″ taller” Mar 8, 2008

“I like the corrections to posture + attention to accuracy” Mar 8, 2008

Adam has infectious energy, a very sweet & approchable man” Mar 8, 2008

“I feel calm, relaxed, energized and toned…” Feb 19, 2008

“Adam is a superb instructors! I attend this class regularly and feel challenged and safe.” Feb 19, 2008

“Adam has the ability to create and maintain physical, emotional and psychological safety for his students. I feel relaxed, energized and toned.” Feb 19, 2008

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April 22 2009

To whom it may concern:

I have been a member of the Y since 2004 and have been attending Adam Quang’s classes since February 2008. I have the utmost respect for his knowledge and talent.

Since 2004, I have had at least 4 other pilates/yoga teachers in the past, all very good and each with their own way of teaching pilates/yoga. Adam is my favourite.

His manner is very cheerful and courteous. His approach is very friendly, but respectful.

At the beginning of each class, he always begins by telling us to listen to our bodies first and not to him. Not once have I ever heard another instructor say this. Also, during the class, he goes around checking and encouraging. Then he goes back to the front as we rest between exercises, to show us what we’ve done wrong. He’s very thorough and he’s very careful with us.

All of his exercises seem very simple and basic but are in fact, unbelievably difficult and challenging. Each exercise comes with at least 5 levels of difficulty. Over the last year or so, attending only 2 classes per week, when I can get there, I have improved my strength and flexibility incredibly. And quite surprisingly. You don’t even feel yourself working out. That’s my favourite part.

I get bored with repetition very easily if there is no challenge involved. If this happens in a class, I usually stop attending the classes. This happened in 2007 with one teacher before Adam arrived. I can also get frustrated when the teacher consistently laughs and talks throughout the class and seems unprepared. The result is a very disjointed 1 hour full of exercises that take you from sitting, to standing, to sitting, to lying, to standing, and everywhere else. I also stopped coming to these classes.

Adam’s class lets you feel calm, at peace and eager to be there.




April 20, 2009

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation in support of Adam Quang as a yoga/pilates instructor.

Adam consistently arrives on time and is completely prepared for each session. His classes run smoothly with a great deal of focus and patience, which demonstrates a clear reflection of his experience as an instructor. Adam’s enjoyment of the practice of yoga / pilates is very apparent in his instruction, in which he incorporates much insight regarding the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice of yoga/ pilates.

He integrated a great deal of variety from class to class and provides careful instructions and modifications on continual refinement of the foundations of yoga/ pilates on which we are building. A particularly impressive quality of Adam’s instruction is the individual attention and support he gives to each of his students. Adam’s teaching methods are invaluable and he has helped me de-stress in a highly stressful and completive environment.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Adam Quang as a member of the International Yoga Teacher Organization.

A. S.
Etobicoke Medical Centre Family Health Team


April 20, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been taking Pilates-yoga instruction with Adam Quang once or twice a week since March 2008, and can say with great confidence that he is a master teacher. I am an actor and have trained extensively in modern dance, ballet, yoga, and pilates, and he is the best teacher I have ever worked with. His classes strike a remarkable balance between relaxation and physical challenge.

By stressing correct alignment and technique, he helps his students maximize the benefits of the exercises. For me, the result has been increased strength, flexibility, and body awareness. I have been dancing very intensely this summer, without injury, and know that this is, in part, due to Adam’s classes. I leave each class physically and mentally centered, with my muscles stretched and fatigued, but never strained.

Sincerely, K. M.



Adam demonstrated a solid understanding of techniques, knowledge and instruction.

He was clear with both his verbal instructions and demonstration skills.

He observed each student and provided appropriate corrections as needed. Adam had a comfortable manner of interaction with students and provided for the safety of new students to the class.


Brad Wong
CYT, MBS, YMCA Canada Trainer

August 5th, 2005

The present is a reference letter for Mr. Adam QuangI have taken yoga classes with Mr.Quang for almost 2 years and have learned much of the yoga technique with him. Mr.Quang is an excellent teacher (14 years of experience). What we all appreciated in his classes is the professionalism and knowledge he transmitted to all of us. He is also outstanding in meditation. For all these reasons, we are very sorry to see him leave.

Monique R. Montréal (Québec)



Dear Mr. Adam,

Teaching is not a simple job but a vocation : either you have it, or you don’t! And, you sure do have it: the gift of passing on to the others what you know, patience, kindness, softness in your voice, reassuring smile, true sincerity….

After each yoga session with you as a teacher, truly felt much better then before, in my body and in my soul. If under any stress prior to Monday 11:30am, a few moments only into the practice, it was thing of the past. And I know that I was not the only one feeling this way about you for you are the only one that the “students” applauded.

I am sure that one day I will hear about you as a great yoga master and I will feel even prouder that some day, somewhere in this existence, the lines of our lives met.

Hoping that life will be as kind to you as you are to those around you.


mille mercies pour tout et bonne chance! Cam on! Tot su may rui! Hen sui! Cuc Tot chù (or thay giáo) (excellent master)

Ps: excusez mon anglais m?diocre mais je ne l’ai jamais ?tudi?. I am a self taught.


Nikolaje N. Montréal (Québec)




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