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Feb. 25. 2008
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Gay Yoga Workshop Press release

There is a new breakthrough social project in Toronto! “Gay Yoga” Workshop is designed to bring the art of body and mind strengthening. Using partner yoga postures and power yoga movements, the workshop is based on the Hatha and Ashtanga systems.

Through the practice of yoga, participants will step through barriers and find a new way for people to connect. Strangers can become friends. “Gay Yoga” is designed to provide the opportunity, timing and a place to meet like-minded individuals.

Why is this barrier breakthrough project needed? The same question can be asked of gay bars. Why do you need gay bars since there are already straight bars? Our diverse groups have been doing yoga for a while, but there hasn’t been this special combination for the gay community.

Aside from a place to practice yoga in a safe and non-judgmental environment, the class uses partner yoga postures incorporating Thai massage to get you warmed up, stretched, toned, relaxed and energized!

Each workshop will occur monthly and be three hours duration. Tea will be served at the end of the workshop. This will give you a chance to self-reflect and get to know your classmates better.

Comments from students:

“Adam is a superb instructor! I attend this class regularly and feel challenged and safe”.

“Adam has the ability to create and maintain physical, emotional and psychological safety for his students. I feel relaxed, energized and toned”

Behind this energetic fellow, known for his easygoing, cheerful manner and smile, lies an interesting history and experience. He has been a Buddhist monk in training and worked in Fashion. He has worked with everyday people, celebrities, and Royalty alike. Over the past thirty years, he has been sharing and practicing the art of meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates and manages to look like he is in his early 20s!

A diverse clientele goes to Adam for a common need — to strengthen the body and the mind in a relaxed and caring environment. Even clients with physical limitations such as lower back problems and curved spines leave the classes saying that they feel “relaxed, energized, and toned!”

Time: April 26, 2008 / Saturday
Cost: $150/ 10 week

Workshop info
For an interview or more information please contact Adam Quang.





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