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World Karma Project founder Adam Quang in a fun interview with Lisa Brent on Kindness & Self Acceptance at Colourful Radio studio, London Uk 2014

The Youbute video have interval pictures and videos of the #1000ActsofKindness installation art from Southbank Centre: Festival of Love opening weekend 2014.

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“Yoga makes for very good sex,” explains Adam Quang. “It gets you in touch with your inner self, cutting down the tension in your body. Every surface of your skin becomes sensitive.” Fab Magazine -“Beyond Couture” Toronto – Canada
New York base: Asian Fusion Magazine winter 2012 / A Lychee Nut in the Big Apple by mary baxter “I try to live by this quote of Thich Nhat Han: The Buddha has advised us that we should not accept any teachings as true just because a famous master teaches them or because they are found in holy books. This also includes the Buddhist canon. We can only accept teachings that we have put into practice with our own awakened understanding and that we can see with our experience to be true.”
“adam has helped many people along the way through fundraisers, hot meals for the homeless. his list never ends as it’s his way of life to give back”
“no style is better than another, It’s simply a mater of personal preference,” Quang said.”but is is very important to get the right teacher”

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