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  • Southbank Centre’s Festival of LoveSUNDAY TALKS AND WORKSHOPS. London Uk, Jun.29.2014
    – Adam Quang (director of the World Karma Project) on karma, love and how to live to a 110
  • Colorful Radio / London UK with Lisa Bent Jun.29.2014
    – Adam Quang in a fun interview with Lisa Brent on Kindness & Self Acceptance at Colourful Radio studio, London Uk 2014
    – The Youbute video have interval pictures and videos of the #1000ActsofKindness installation art from Southbank Centre: Festival of Love opening weekend 2014.
  • “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS” Time Out London, UK. Jun 24-29.2014
  • “TRY TO BE NICE” EMERALD STREET. London. UK Jun.26.2014
  • CBC – Ontario Today: “Entrepreneurs in the wired world” #1000ActsofKindness – July 3, 2013
  • “1000 Acts of Kindness _ Adam Quang spreads the LOVE” by Deidre Hackman May 12, 2013
  • International Lifestyle Magazine-Jul-2012
  • icelandpenny “Old Trail, New Friends” May 25. 2012
  • Fab Magazine – Toronto” Beyond Couture” February 15, 2012
  • 50 Good Deeds “Ha Long Bay, Hello ” January-20-2012
  • New York base: Asian Fusion Magazine winter 2012 / A Lychee Nut in the Big Apple by mary baxter
  • Toronto Sun “It’s pay it forward time” April-24-2006 by Xania
  • CBC radio one 88.5 FM “HomeRun : New Hope / Karma Project” May-28-2005 with Bernard St-Laurent and Sara Germanotta
  • Clin D’oeil magazine “Fesses” May-2005 by Yasmin Grothé
  • The Gazette newspaper “yoga for the not so young” May-29-2004 by Susan Kelly
  • “Yoga makes for very good sex,” explains Adam Quang. “It gets you in touch with your inner self, cutting down the tension in your body. Every surface of your skin becomes sensitive.” Fab Magazine -“Beyond Couture” Toronto – Canada
  • New York base: Asian Fusion Magazine winter 2012 / A Lychee Nut in the Big Apple by mary baxter “I try to live by this quote of Thich Nhat Han: The Buddha has advised us that we should not accept any teachings as true just because a famous master teaches them or because they are found in holy books. This also includes the Buddhist canon. We can only accept teachings that we have put into practice with our own awakened understanding and that we can see with our experience to be true.”
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  • —– News —–
  • Adam Quang - Halong Bay IMG_8024
  • I am traveling in Asia, hosting my Yoga Retreat, working and filming my Chair Yoga book, I will be returning to Canada early 2015.
  • I have been posting and updating my adventure with pictures / videos. You can see my adventure here (
  • [instagram-feed]
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  • I will be up loading Chair Yoga classes weekly, so come back regularly to see news videos.
  • LIVE VIDEO PODCASTs of my yoga classes is available to you! Now you can do yoga from your office / home or anywhere you that offers you an internet connection. If you are on my mailing list then you will soon receive updates of news Video and an invitation on Skype and/or Google Plus for Live yoga class.
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  • Thousand years in 14 days:
    Yoga, private yacht and personal chef
    Adventure at a Seven Wonders
    of Nature, Vietnam!
  • Upcoming Adventure
    Teacher: Adam Quang
    14 days: Nov 13 to 26, 2016
    7 days: Nov 20 to 26, 2016
  • Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing education training hours from the retreat.
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  • — Past Events —

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  • Partner Yoga lotus pose- Adam Quang and Terry Tator -Photo by Max B. Telzerow
  • Partner Yoga
  • Partner yoga utilizes two people in a yoga pose to fosters trust and strengthens communication, both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Ideal for any two people and not just for couples.
    (Co-worker, friend or life partner)
    benefit and more…
  • Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm ♦ Tuesday
    Place: Yoga Boutiques
    Cost: $17 Drop-in ($150 / 10 class) / person
    Click here to pay and RSVP your spot.
  • Hurry only 5 spots are available
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  • Mindfulness in an urban landscape
    Slowing down, find meaning, be.
  • Meditation & Neck and Shoulder Care
    Meditation class:
    exploring how meditation can help us find balance and peace in our daily life
    Neck shoulder care: relieving neck & shoulder stiffness
  • ♦  Tuesday
    ♦  Thursday
    Time: 6 to 7pm
    Cost: $12 drop-in ($50 / 5 class)
    click here for more info…
    Click here to pay and RSVP your spot.
  • Hurry only 5 spots are available
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  • Restorative Yoga Poster may-2013
  • Back Care & Restorative Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice where postures are meant to be done fully supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. You lie in a yoga position and relax into the pose.
    More detail…
  • Time:  7:30pm to 8:30pm
     ♦ Tuesday
  • Place:  323 Richmond East / Sherbourne st.
    Cost: $17 Drop-in ($70 / 5 class)
    Click here to pay and RSVP your spot.
  • Hurry only 4 spots are available
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  • Chair Yoga
  • This class is intended for people with limited mobility. Yoga class will be done on a chair with some standing exercises for strength and flexibility. (click here for more)
  • When: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Time: 2pm to 3pm
    Where: Performing Arts Lodges (Ballet Room)
    110 The Esplanade, Toronto ON.
  • Time: 4pm -5pm
    Where: 10 Delisle Ave (Deer Park Room)
    Chair Yoga classes since 2010 (Drop-ins are always welcome)
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  • “2 sessions of taichi per week helps workers relieve stress, strengthen muscles and develop back fitness – especially good for office/computer workers.” York University
  • Tai Chi
  • Taichi teaches you how to move without tension and by harmonize the mind and body function together as one. (click here for more)
  • When: Tuesday & Thursday
  • 9am to 10am Wynn Fitness Clubs
    Where: 98 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON.
  • 2pm to 3pm – Performing Arts Lodges
    Where: 110 The Esplanade, Toronto ON.
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  • Yogalate
  • “my mother, she used to suffer from arthritis and was doing Aqua Fitness classes five days a week to no avail. Once she began taking  your class on a regular basis she was able to lose weight and no longer suffers from arthritis” Maritza S.
  • Photo by Max B. Telzerow
  • Side benefits include:
    – stronger core muscles
    – stronger back
    -improve flexibility
    – happier mood
    energized & relaxed.
    -lose weight
    (click here for more)
  • When: Tuesday & Thurday
    2 pm to 3 pm
    Performing Arts Lodges
    110 The Esplanade, Toronto ON.
    (Ballet Room)
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  • Thousand years in 14 days:
    Yoga, private yacht and personal chef
    Adventure at a Seven Wonders
    of Nature, Vietnam!
  • Upcoming Adventure
    Teacher: Adam Quang
    14 days: Nov 9 to 22, 2014
    7 days: Nov 16 to 22, 2014
  • Participants can register with the Yoga Alliance and receive 35 continuing education training hours from the retreat.
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  • Karma yoga Toronto
  • gentle yoga poster-Apr2013Yogis of all levels and skill are welcome, including beginners. The class is vinyasa style and will be held in a casual environment. (Click here for more…)
  • When: 6pm (end May.31.2014)
  • Monday: Glad Day Bookshop
    Thursday: Riverdale park
  • Cost:  
  1. make a ($5, $10, $20) donation to us to help promoting ” Do Better ” Project
  2. OR bring with you canned food to donate to a food bank or shelter
  3. FREE: we ask that you do a kind deed for someone in your daily lives
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  • Poster: 1000 acts of kindness
    Poster: 1000 acts of kindness
  • A Canadian brings 1000 acts of random kindness to NYC, Beverly Hills, Boston, Cambridge, Vermont and the Palo Alto, CA from August 12th to September 9th, 2013
  • click here for more info…
  • 1000 Acts of Kindness uses cranes to inspire us to create a ripple effect, making the world a better place one compassionate act at a time. Our hope at World Karma Project is that the cranes inspire 1000 acts of kindness that resonate into the world. Spreading kindness creates a ripple effect for the betterment of ourselves and makes the people around us “awesome.”
  • Click here for Press Release1000 Acts of Kindness.
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  • Back Care Workshop poster-May2013
  • Neck & Back Care
    Yoga Workshop
  • This workshop is for people who are dealing with ongoing chronic or acute back and/or neck stiffness and/or pain. click here for more
  • Time: Sunday / 10-11am
    Where: 401 Richmond St. West – Suite B104 / Spadina Ave
  • when:
    Feb.3 to Mar.3.2013 / 4 Weeks
    Mar.10 to Apr.7.2013 / 5 Weeks
    Apr.14 to May.12.2013 / 5 Weeks
  •  _________________
  • Free yoga in Downtown Toronto
  • Free Yoga DowntownToronto: ING Direct building
  • Cost: Free  & do a kind deed to someone in your daily life OR bring canned food to donate to food bank / shelter OR make a $5 donation to me to help with my ” Do Better ” Project
  • When: Wednesday October 10th & 31st, November 14th & 21st
    Follow us on twitter for update @worldkarmaproj 
  • Time: 6-7 pm  (bring your yoga mat &/or towel)
  • Where: ING Direct Building
    221 Yonge St / Shuter, Toronto, ON
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    Intro to Yoga with Adam Quang
  • Sept 6th 6pm-8pm $15.00
    Sept 20th 6pm-8pm $15.00
  • click here for more
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  • Ushnisha
  • 10 weeks beginner/intermediate yoga workshop
    This course is great for new practitioner to learn yoga posture fundamentals, more info…
    Date: May 12 to Jul 14 2012
    Time: 10am (Saturday)
    Place: Private studio pre-register and invited only (no drop-in)
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  • Vietnam Yoga Workshop
  • Place: Living Yoga studio/ Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
  • Basic Yoga Technique on Sat 25th February 2012 (4 hours)
    Ushnisha workshop on Sun 26th February 2012 (4 hours)
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  • FREE karma yoga & yogalate class in the Riverdale park, Thursday night
  • When: Thursday (Summer 2012)
    (no class RAIN, or temperature above 20oC)
  • Cost: Free (pay forward to other with kindness / donate can food for to food bank  / Money donation will help me performing my karma work: World Karma Project
  • more info and map direction: click here
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  • Yoga mat: drop me a note if you would like to have one
  • I just found this cool yoga mat, light weight and have great traction none slippery, I go through lot of mats and this one seem to have great potentials. Aside from hygienic reason (dirty gym mat), the mat is make out of renewable resource rubber and they plan a tree for every mat they sale.
  • Travel Mat (1/8″) Size: 68” X 27” : $60cnd
  • Color: purple, Black, olive, midnight blue, sedona red, brown
  • Price are in Canadian dollar, included all tax and shipping (total saving: 20% discount + 13% tx + 20$ dev + Import duty tax = +/-$50)
  • price are in the U.S $ + Shipping ($10US for USA shipping + US % exchange to CND prices and Import tax)
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  • OMM:
  • It is a universal sound; a vibration of emptiness in the universe. It is believed in practice that saying the word “omm” is to harmonize your body to that of the space around you. Based on the theory that all things in life are made up of sound and vibrations, by using “omm” like a tuning fork, you tune your body into your environment… click here for more
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    The Differences Between Yoga Style?



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