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The concept of a “karma bank” originates from an ancient Chinese text entitled “Changing Destiny: Liaofan’s Four Lessons.” It was written more than 500 years ago, during China’s Han Dynasty in the sixteenth century. Liaofan wrote basic life lessons for his children and descendents. The focus was to teach them how to generate good fortune, luck, prosperity, and longevity, by creating good karma.

The basic premise is that we are all born with a set amount of karma in our personal bank, whether in the form of good fortune or suffering, from the deeds created in our past lives. Destiny is whatever you receive and/or arrive at in your present life (e.g., job success, love, or winning the lottery). You can live your life as though everything is predestined, using what you have in your karma bank, until your bank is empty at the end of your life.

But Liaofan stated that you could change your destiny by working to deposit more karma into your karma bank. To create karma, you perform good deeds with no expectation of anything in return for your kindness. Good deeds for the greater good of the community, country, or world magnify into greater karma. As your karma bank improves, you will find that good fortune, love, and a longer life become your destiny – all things that were not there before the good deeds were performed. By the same token, if you perform bad deeds (e.g., theft, murder, verbal abuse, etc.), you will use up your karma and empty your karma bank sooner.

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