Essential things to bring with you

  • Your Passport (Canadian / USA)
  • Vietnam Visa / Vietnam embassy in Ottawa
  • 2-4 extra photos (head shot) for extra goverment document if needed
  • Extra photocopies of your important documents (Passport, citizenship, diver license, health card…)
  • Travel health insurance
  • address of your country (Canada / US ) embassy  in Vietnam (see bottom website)
  • bring money for small Tips and gratuities for staff at hotel & Spa service currency this should be in vietnamese Dong
  • bring money for Tips and gratuities $127.US/14days [Tour guide; boat staff; driver]
    [Tour guide: 3$/day ($62US / 14days) / boat staff 5$/day ($35US/ 7days)– driver 3$/ day ($30US/ 10days)]
  • See helpful links below
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Vietnam Visa: 

you can go directly to Vietnam embassy in Ottawa / Vietnam embassy in USA and arrange your visa:

1233 20th St NW, Suite 400 – Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202.861.0737
Hotline for Consular Affairs: 202.716.8666 or 202.739.1666
Fax: 202.861.0917 (for general information) (for consular affairs)

Vietnam Consulate New York, NY Information
Address:866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 435
New York, NY 10017

Contact Info:
Tel: (212) 644-0594, (212) 644-0831, (212) 644-1564
Fax: (212) 644-5732

Vietnam Consulate San Francisco, NY Information
Address:1700 California Street, Suite 430
San Francisco, CA 94109

Contact Info:
Tel: (415) 922-1707, (415) 922-1577
Fax: (415) 922-1848

Original PASSPORT (which requires at least 01 month validity prior the date of exit from Vietnam and/or 06 month validity to meet airline’ requirements). In urgent cases, a loose-leaf-visa can be requested, then a copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages) may be submitted instead of the original passport.

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Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, Canada
470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa,
ON K1N 6M8, Canada
City: Ottawa
Phone: (613) 236 0772
Fax: (613) 236 2704
Office Hours: Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m – 11.30 a.m 13.30 p.m – 16.00 p.m

You can submit for a visa by mail with a copy of your passport, not the original,  to Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, Canada (cost $93)

There is no Vietnam Consulted in Toronto, only in Ottawa. This travel agent can arrange the visa for you.

  • Tour East Holidays (Richmond Hill, Ontario). Nancy Vuong / /416-929-0888

These are some of the site offer Vietnam visa service that you can pick up on arrival at the airport. 

You can use these visa service (at your own risk.) Friends and families have use these service before, and they have good result:

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Travel health: As of today January 3, 2012. There is no Malaria notice in Vietnam on the Canadian government website.

Medical checklist:

    • We recommend you visit a travel clinic to determine what inoculations/medications are advisable
      (eg Japanese encephalitis is not needed all year round, nor are malaria pills)
    • Mosquitoes spray / Bug repellent
    • Handy wipes (optional)
    • Antibacterial cream
    • Puffer if you ever need one
    • Broad spectrumAntibiotic for trouble tummy & diarrhea (eg Cipro)
    • useful to have: gravol, pepto bismol, bandaids, polysporin
    • Typhoid Vaccines
    • Travel Diarrhea: “Dukoral” can be taken weeks before leaving on your trip. (go to walk in clinic or book an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription)
    • click here for Essential things to bring with you
    • travel health kit

Leave all medications in their original, clearly labeled, containers. A signed and dated letter form your doctor about your condition for the medication

Travel health: As of today January 3, 2012. There is no Malaria notice in Vietnam on the Canadian government website.

    • See helpful links below

Here are some recommendation from MD travel Health website for traveler to Vietnam

Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for all travelers over one year of age. It should be given at least two weeks (preferably four weeks or more) before departure. A booster should be given 6-12 months later to confer long-term immunity.
Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all travelers if not previously vaccinated.
Typhoid vaccine is recommended for all travelers.
Japanese encephalitis : For those age 17 or older, the recommended vaccine is IXIARO, given 0.5 cc intramuscularly, followed by a second dose 28 days later. The series should be completed at least one week before travel. The most common side effects are headaches, muscle aches, and pain and tenderness at the injection site. Safety has not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children under the age of 17.

“If you happen to take any regular medication bring double your needs in case of loss or theft. Carry a signed, dated letter from the primary physician describing all medical conditions and listing all medications, including generic names. If carrying syringes or needles, be sure to carry a physician’s letter documenting their medical necessity. Pack all medications in hand luggage. Carry a duplicate supply in the checked luggage. If you wear glasses or contacts, bring an extra pair. If you have significant allergies or chronic medical problems, wear a medical alert bracelet.

For an ambulance in Viet Nam, call 115, but response times may be slow and staffing and equipment may be substandard. For a private ambulance, call Family Medical Practice in Hanoi (tel. 844-843-0748), Danang (tel. 84 511 582-699/700), or Ho Chi Minh City (tel. 848-822-7848).

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Helpful link:

Medical facilities

Travel Health Notices (Canada) :
Travel medical clinic: (Toronto)
Public Health Agency of Canada: Immunization & Vaccines

Viet Nam/ Family Medical Practice (,
Hanoi (tel. 844-843-0748), another option for travelers is International SOS (31 Hai Ba Trung; tel,. 844-934-0555; Dr. Bruce Miller, Dr. Oliviers Bernard)
Danang (tel. 84 511 582-699/700)
Ho Chi Minh City (tel. 848-822-7848)


Canada government in vietnam:

Embassy of Canada to Vietnam in Hanoi

31 Hung Vuong / Hanoi / Vietnam
Tel.: +84 (4) 3734 5000 or in case of problems with the preceding number +84 (4) 8323 5500
Fax: +84 (4) 3734 5049

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday: 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00 / Friday: 08:00 – 13:30


Consulate General of Canada to Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City
10th Floor, The Metropolitan / 235 Dong Khoi, District 1 / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel.: +84 (8) 3827 9899
Fax: +84 (8) 3827 9935

Hours of operation: Monday to Thursday 08:30 – 10:30 and 13:30 – 15:30 / Friday 08:30 – 09:30
(Visa ) Monday to Thursday 13:00 – 14:00

For emergency assistance after hours, call the Embassy of Canada in Hanoi or the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, and follow the instructions. It is not possible to make collect calls from Vietnam. Most post offices have international telephone facilities. Cabins are equipped with a meter, and payment is made after the call. Internet telephones are now available at Internet cafés. You may also call the Department in Ottawa at 613-996-8885.

U.S government in vietnam:

United States Citizen Services
Consular Section
Rose Garden Building
Second Floor, 170 Ngoc Khanh St., Hanoi, Viet Nam
Mailing Address: 7 Lang Ha St., Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: (84-4) 3850-5000

U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
4 Le Duan Blvd., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Tel: + 84-8-3520-4200
Fax: +84-8-3520-4244

If you have specific questions about visa issues (Immigrant Visas; Nonimmigrant Visas), please contact via email only at

For information about American Citizen Services, please contact via email only at

In case of emergency: If you are an American citizen with an afterhours emergency (such as illness, death, destitution or arrest), please call our hotline at: 090-392-4613 within Vietnam, or 011-84-90-392-4613 from the U.S. For Non-Emergency Issues please call 3520-4200 within Vietnam, or (+84)(8) 3520-4200 internationally Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Click on picture to download



(Click on picture to download)

  1. Pack a copy of Bon Voyage, But… and a copy of the Country Travel Report for your destination.
  2. Carry a Canadian passport that is valid well beyond the date of your anticipated return to Canada; keep a copy of the identification page separate from the original.
  3. Leave copies of your passport identification page, itinerary, and insurance policy with friends or family.
  4. Obtain any required visas well in advance.
  5. If travelling with children, carry documentation proving your right to accompany them (e.g., a consent letter or court order).
  6. Arrange for supplemental travel health insurance.
  7. Anticipate financial needs, such as local currency and departure tax.
  8. Take care of health needs: vaccinations, prescriptions, medical certificates, supplies, extra eyeglasses.
  9. Check whether dual citizenship is an issue for you.
  10. Sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad service.
  11. Carry an Emergency Contact Card with the coordinates of the nearest Canadian government office in your destination country.
  12. Obtain an International Driving Permit, if required.



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